Innovation And Health Summit 2020

Gathering facts, combining information, taking action for a workable health solution

215 die daily
In South Africa, 215 people die from heart diseases every day.

16 million people
In addition, over 16 million people suffer from diabetes in Africa, of which 1,8 million are in South Africa.
Some 425 million people across the world have diabetes.

Doubled in 6 years
The number of young South Africans suffering from obesity doubled in six years.
This took 13 years happen in the States.

Obesity is a major risk for cardiovascular disease and predisposes one to diabetes.
Someone with diabetes is twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease as someone without diabetes.

A lack of awareness about cardiovascular disease means many people go undiagnosed and untreated until it is too late.

13% Kids
In South Africa excess body mass is a huge problem, not only in adults – 13 percent of children are overweight or obese, more than double the global average of 5 percent. There was also a rapid in the body mass index of people the ages of 6 and 25‚ especially among women in middle-high socio-economic groups in urban areas.

Top 3 causes of death
The South African Heart Association states that cardiovascular disease is among the top three causes of death in sub-Saharan
Africa. This is partly because of rapid urbanisation which has resulted in an upsurge in coronary heart and artery disease and
metabolic disorders.

Whilst research is noble and governmental and non-governmental agencies address challenges in a very focused manner, one
should guard against a one-dimensional approach.

This can be attributed to more disposable income‚ increased exposure to globalisation and the establishment of large urban informal settlements. This has driven changes in dietary patterns to cheap energy-dense foodstuffs‚ sugary drinks and increased
consumption of saturated fats and animal proteins.

Platforms should be created with various stakeholders that encompass key challenges that impact one another and provide a multi-faceted response and engagement