Dr Gert du Toit

Dr du Toit obtained his MBChB degree in Pretoria (Cum Laude).  He was awarded the Nestlé Prize for best achievement in Pediatrics in 1987.  In 1991, he specialised in Internal Medicine for one year, after which he changed to General Surgery at the University of Free State.  He completed the degree (Cum Laude) in 1996 and obtained the FCS (SA). 

Dr du Toit started Private Practice in 1996 at St Augustines Hospital.  His main interest is in advanced digestive laparoscopic surgery.  Since 1996 they have also developed an expert skill set in all aspects of laparoscopic and open gastro intestinal surgery, endocrine surgery (including breast surgery), and hernia surgery. 

The partnership of Drs du Toit & Funnell received their accreditation for bariatric weight loss surgery from Professor Linroth from Sweden in January 2007.  The partnership received the first time award from SASSO (South African Society for Surgery, Obesity and Metabolism) in July 2017 for the Best Bariatric Centre in South Africa.  He is also on the executive of SASSO.

Dr Du Toit has gained his expertise in laparoscopic surgery through various additional international workshops.  He is also a member of SASES, SAGES, ASSA, and IFSO, and was Chairman of the St Augustines Physicians Advisory Board for 7 years and also currently.