Dr Jeffrey King

Jeffrey King is a vocal third generation SABC (South African Born Chinese). His entrepreneurial grandfather emigrated from Canton, China to South Africa at the turn of the century at age 25 years. Jeff schooled in Johannesburg, entering the University of the Witwatersrand where he graduated as a medical practitioner in 1975. He pursued his interest in cardiology, qualifying as a cardiologist in 1982 after completing the Specialist Physician degree through the College of Medicine in South Africa in 1980. In 1986, after completing a cardiac consultancy position at The Johannesburg Hospital, he entered private cardiology practice at Morningside Medi-Clinic in Johannesburg then moved to Sunninghill Hospital in 1997.

He has multifaceted hobby interests which straddle many fields, including medicine, photography, music and sports cars. His first passion is entrenched within his cardiac speciality, spending numerous hours in clinical and research consultation. He attends local and international congresses and symposia, keeping abreast with the latest up to date management strategies for his patients. His commitment to his speciality involves regular meeting presentations, lecturing to other medical practitioners and specialist physicians, promoting comprehensive cardiovascular risk protection. He has served as consultant to many Pharmaceutical Advisory boards. He champions consumer advocacy to ensure quality healthcare provision from healthcare providers and funders.

He has been an examiner for the College of Medicine of South Africa Certification in Cardiology of SA Physicians from 2016-2018.

He is past President of the South African Sleep Society of Medicine (SASSM), bridging the gap of the unmet clinical need in cardiovascular risk factor management. The prevalence of sleep disordered breathing is higher than bronchial asthma, but is underrecognised and undermanaged. Sleep disorders in SA are estimated to be between 35-40% in SA, being the world’s 3rd heaviest nation with an incidence of 72% obesity and 78% hypertension prevalence in the WHO International SAGE Study of 35,125 patients over 50 year old’s in SA, primarily driven by obesity & OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea). His interests include the cellular inflammatory interactive role of cardiac arrhythmias, sleep disordered breathing and other major comorbidities such as aging, diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, hypercholesterolaemia, HIV and male hormone deficiency syndromes, particularly testosterone deficiency and its relationship to OSA and hypopnea in promoting worsening cardiovascular risk. Providing innovative cardiovascular risk management healthcare programme achieving comprehensive primary and secondary cardiac protection remains his major goal and challenge. Poor quality sleep, sleep deprivation and snoring are hallmarks of impending cardiovascular and neuropyschological risks that escalate medical illness with attendant poor work productivity, work inefficiency, absenteeism, potentiating work injury and enhancing road accident risk and unnecessary human fatalities and carnage.

His second passion is wildlife photography spending considerable relaxation time in the Kruger National Game Park and some of the numerous private game lodges in Mpumalanga, Northern Gauteng and Botswana. The overtures of the Botswana Okavango Delta has frequently enticed him to return to this area. Digital photography has become an overwhelming pet love and passion, capturing the beauty of the animal kingdom in the Botswana Moremi Game Reserve and Botswana Okavango Delta, corporate functions, weddings and venturing into the fashion world, rugby and soccer sportsfields. These photographic portraits have appeared in annual exquisite calendar productions commissioned by Vodacom and Pharmaceutical companies. In 2005, his butterfly calendar, printed for Vodacom by FCB and Masterpack, won the SAPPI gold medal for best calendar on the African Continent and was also selected as the SAPPI international calendar of the year.

Other hobby interests extend to enjoying live musical concerts, listening to a wide variety of music with musical talents as a drummer. The love of sports cars attracts him to motor racing venues and motor exhibits. His motto is: “Life is for living. Ensure quality of life. Time waits for no one. Don’t ‘Just Do It’ the Nike way to – ‘Make it Happen!’ ”. His credo is : “Be honest, ethical, moral, transparent and passionate within your cause! Be proactive & focus on productivity with effective leadership. Be driven for success (Not by a Porsche But a Ferrari) !”

He has appeared on national TV, press media and radio programmes, discussing current medical topics with specific reference to cardiovascular risk protection, metabolic syndrome, adding sleep management to the accepted lifestyle changes including dieting and exercise; patient advocacy; medical practice issues; medical funder issues and healthcare initiatives.

His efforts as a healthcare provider, ensuring patient advocacy in a difficult and problematic healthcare delivery environment, have not gone unnoticed. Although not a member of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, The Rotary International’s coveted Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) was awarded to Jeff in 2007 in appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among people of the world with contribution to mankind and community service. Further recognition for his consumer advocacy culminated in the unique accolade to a non-member of Rotary International, being awarded a second Paul Harris Award plus Sapphire in April 2018.