Dr Naeem Brey

Dr Brey is a neurologist and a lecturer at Tygerberg Hospital and Stellenbosch University. He currently heads the recently established Tygerberg Stroke Unit. He graduated at with his MBChB from UCT, and his neurology qualification from the College of Medicine SA and Stellenbosch University. He also holds a diploma in HIV Management from the College of Medicine SA. He is actively involved in education of undergraduate medical students, and postgraduate physicians, psychiatrists and neurologists. His interests are vascular neurology, neuro-immunology as well as medical education. He has a penchant for technology and trying to identify areas for its use in low resource settings. He is an active member of the South African Stroke Society and is currently assisting in the rollout of a national stroke-specific data-capturing tool. He is also a sub-editor of Neuron and on the local ANGELS steering committee to optimise stroke care within South Africa.