SCC Plan – Covid 19

Innovation And Health Summit 2020 | Exhibitor


  • Sanitising of all touch points like escalators, lifts, door handles and bathrooms, which will be an ongoing process during the day.
  • Extra staff will be made available for this and will not impact on our normal cleaning routines.
  • We will be putting hand sanitizers in public areas for the use of guests, and especially at entrance points and bathrooms.
  • All back of house and staff areas will carry the same precautions
  • Chemical make up sheets will be available for inspection and will come from Steiner Hygiene who are our group supplier.
  • All floor management have been briefed with regards to identifying potential cases and have been briefed to been on the lookout for possible symptoms.
  • The security team, who man or floors and doors have had the same brief.

Action in case of infection

  • We have established a separate room, as advised by our medical contract company, to which any person who may be identified as a risk, will be taken.
  • This room is not in the main part of the building and is not airconditioned.
  • We have a 24hr ambulance service on site, with paramedics, who are trained to identify according to health regulations, whether that person should be transported for further screening, or not
  • The person will then be transport to a health facility to have with further tests.