Welcome to the Innovation and Health Summit

I have been passionately involved in the conference and meeting sector for the last 22 years and decided to create an event that crosses over and engages on multiple levels.

Both my sons where born with a Congenital Adrenal Deficiency namely Addison’s Disease. This necessitates that they take chronic medication daily to address the deficiency. The challenge that we face is that this disease is not only about managing and monitoring their cortisol levels but also their response to communicable illness and its impact in order to monitor their bodies response.

In addition, their body weight or BMI, salt levels, blood pressure and other medial telltale triggers need to be carefully monitored. Similar to patients with Diabetes that have to monitor their insulin levels, they have to monitor their cortisol levels. If these are out of kilt it leads to a medical emergency.

Having attended medical meetings and been involved with specialists in the industry, I am aware that research, knowledge and skills transfer is a very powerful tool that can be delivered via broad engagement and discussion at conferences, meetings and symposiums.

Creating a Summit that provides the platform for experts, specialists, researchers, investors, developers and innovators related to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and related innovation and technology provides a great opportunity to cross reference and share solutions with a broad audience.

Whilst the objective of the Health Summit is to create the platform for engagement, collaboration and improvement, the long-term aspiration would be to establish a fund from the profits and use this for providing a number of mobile assessment units. The opportunity to take independent mobile units that test sugar levels, read blood pressure and or any other relevant testing that can educate and inform the public and improve health care related to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. An informed community is a healthy community.

Taking such mobile testing units to schools, universities, old age homes and rural areas could go a long way to address some of the challenges faced by our people.

Yours Sincerely

Nina Freysen-Pretorius
Innovation and Health Summit
Operations Director